Hayleigh is an internationally published legal academic and speaker. She is currently Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law. She is also a Visiting Lecturer in IP at the University of the Arts London (UAL) and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Intellectual Property, Policy and Management. She holds a PhD in Copyright Law from Bournemouth University, under the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship Award. She is Book Review Editor for the specialist IP blog IPKat, an active board member of the Intellectual Property Awareness Network, and founder of the World IP Women (WIPW) network.

Hayleigh has undertaken teaching and training for non-lawyers, creatives and industry executives across the UK and the Netherlands. She is recognised for her ability to explain complex legal principles in a simple way that is easy to understand.

Hayleigh has been providing consultancy creatives and companies with consultancy for a number of years. She has provided guidance, drafted contracts, agreements, and pre-action letters. She is recognised for her personal and friendly approach as well as her broad depth of knowledge and understanding of the law, particularly within the context of the creative industry.

Hayleigh has conducted legal research in a number of different capacities, including policy informing projects, research for published editions, studies for companies, organisations and individuals. She has demonstrated her skills of thorough exploration, systematic investigation and detailed analysis.

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