HB Legal offers 3 main areas of consultancy; legal guidance, contract drafting and research. HB Legal has worked with creators, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses to provide expertise relating to the legal regulation of intellectual property, media, marketing, entertainment and contracts.

1. Legal Guidance 

If you are a creative, an SME or a start-up, or someone working on a joint project, it’s really important that you understand the relevant areas of IP (copyright, trade mark, trade secret, patents, designs).

This is for three main reason; firstly so you can know what your rights are and how to protect your creative outputs and business endeavours. Secondly, so you understand the rules around using existing materials and can avoid infringing other’s IP. Thirdly, as IP is managed through contracts, knowing what contracts you need in place to allocate risk, ownership and costs.

2. Contracts

Contracts are the bread and butter of managing your intellectual property and confidential information, whether it be a partnership agreement for allocating ownership of a project or a non-disclosure agreement to protect your know-how and ideas, or an agreement with a social media influencer, HB Legal will draft bespoke contracts to reflect your business’ needs.

3. Research 

HB Legal conducts in-depth research and analysis on a range of areas in IP, particularly in relation to IP and the creative industry, and copyright law.

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